Monday, September 9, 2013

Project Driven

I have this "itch" to constantly have some sort of project going on in my life. Whether it's something around the house, or a photography idea, or something for the blog. This "itch" is always there, lurking in my brain, causing me to do late night probings (under the covers so I won't wake up Micah) on pinterest for ideas and craigslist too for good deals.
This "itch" has been aimed towards homemaking lately. There have been some changes in our home the last few weeks. Here are bits and pieces of what what we have changed and added in our home. We've got a long but adventurous way to go until it's finished but I am really loving our home more and more!

 We got this old display case from one of a local primitive store. I painted it white and sanded it down some to give it a slightly shabby chic look. The dining chairs are a craigslist score and is another BIG future project because I have to sew 8 sew slip covers for each of them! The dresses are recent purchases from Anthro and Free People and I am brainstorming on how to do a photo shoot with them on. I hope you have a fantastic and productive week =)


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