Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Can Do Casual

It was getting a little too fancy around here. I've been posting pretty little dresses and thought it's time to throw in a casual outfit as an attempt for some moderation. This blog has got to be one of the most deceptive out there because in actuality I only wear dresses about 25% of the time.  But dresses are just so photogenic, I can't help but prefer taking pictures with them!

Well, I am really enjoying the military trend these last few years. Like some little Asian Redneck (is there such a thing?) I am especially drawn to Army camo colors, just like this vest. I often share the same color palette as my husband, especially when dressing casual (well aren't we cute?). But I have always loved the earthy colors of camo. My husband has just enhanced, and brought that out, in my fashion choices. Do you have any unusual influences in your fashion choices? Just curious.

I sure hope your week is going great =)

Outfit details: Vest: Urban Ouftitters, Dolmain T-Shirt: Forever 21, Jeans: J-Brand, Clogs: UGGS, Purse: Tahari, Accessories: Various

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  1. Love this casual look!
    Unusual influences? Don't think it's unusual but I love to have always some colour in my outfits (in an outfit like yours it would be for example a red necklace or scarf)
    ♥, Nina

  2. Casual outfits can definitely look just as great as fancy ones! You look really beautiful :)

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  4. love so much this vest! ur outfit is so nice!I am a new follower of u! would u like to follow me back on fb and gfc ? It would mean a lot to me! Tks giulia

  5. I love this combi, your vest and your shoes fit so well<3
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  6. Love your outfit, The jacket really makes it love it complete.

    Pipp xx

  7. that bag is amazing, i love the shoes too

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  9. HAHA asian redneck- well, you pull off that look very well, i must say! i love your casual even more than dresses! it's so chic and polished. i love the vest and that necklace was the perfect touch too add some spice

    xo Marlen
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  10. love the neutral tones of this look!!! love the vest!!! so effortlessly chic! :D

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  11. Hi dear!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    You look so pretty! I love the bag!
    I agree with you, dresses are so much prettier and photogenic. I'm pro dresses all the way!!!

  12. Great look! love the camo vest:) thanks for visiting and keep in touch!

    xx pauline

  13. Love the khaki military vest!

  14. Hi Hannah! I think this is a good change :) Dresses are nice but I love this outfit that you pulled together as well! I love the gold details (necklace and bracelet) especially. Such a special touch!


  15. Your Blog is so cute and you look nice :)
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  16. This outfit is super cute on you, love how you layered with the vest to balance out the girliness of the lace :)

  17. love this casual look! the vest is super cute :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  18. love this look! you can never go wrong with a cute vest!

    & Pretty Things

  19. Great look, love th miltary jacket! x

  20. Love your outfit! You look great:)
    Just found your blog and I have to say that it's great (I can't stop making comments on your posts).x Happy to be your newest follower:)


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