Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Breaking Rules


One fashion rule that has stuck with me since, I don't know, since I first picked up a fashion magazine, is to not wear white after Labor day. Not that I stick to this rule but honestly by Labor day, I am already in fall mode and don't really buy summer stuff anymore. An exception to this is if there's a killer deal (just today I snatched up some Hudson shorts for $10, I just couldn't turn turn that down!)
So, there's alot of things that have kept me busy if you're wondering if I fell through a rabit hole or something. I have been MIA in all media sites actually, such as Facebook and Instagram, but not Pinterest(oh no, I can never give up Pinterest). Shortly after the Virgin Islands, we went to Texas to visit famiy which I will share some pics of our litte safari from that trip. Also, I have been reading alot (6 books in 1 week would qualify for alot, at least I think so) oh and I caught the nesting bug and have been redoing things in the house like Pinterest has gotten ahold of my soul. Throw in too that I've also been working on getting certified for medical transcription editing, oh and did I mention I am writing a book? Writing is my first love beyond blogging, photography, or any of that (despite that I'm terrible at grammar and punctuation. Don't judge me). Writing is my favorite thing to do and it feels right when I do it. Have you ever felt that about something? I am always itching to do it and I have been putting it in the back burner for too long. I'm working on a young adult series and I've got a long ways to go. For you nosy book worms, I will keep you posted if I want to start a blog or something. I hope your week is wonderful!

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