Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wearing a Halo


I worked hard to earn this halo! It took me a grueling half an hour's work and 11 bobby pins. All that hard work and Micah didn't even like it. I aways have some new obsession and this week it's braids and updos lately. Maybe because my hair is getting Polynesian length long again and the options of styles are "lengthy". I'm gonna do a post some time this week on braids and put up a few tutorials of some neat braids.

I sure hope your Sunday went as well as mine! Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Church is always fantastic and we usually take a yummy little nap afterwards! It is also a very relaxing day around the house because the only plan we really make for Sunday is to go to church. I love the feeling of not having any time constraints. We just lounge around the couch watching shows or movies. We sometimes take a little walk or take photos for my blog before dinner. Another perk for this day, and this one is more for Micah, is that I usually do my best cooking on Sundays because I have more time to prepare. So, our favorite meals are usually saved for Sundays.


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