Monday, September 3, 2012

A Happy Heart

I decided to take a few intimate pictures of what's been on my mind and heart lately. Or maybe I'm just bored. Or it could be a combination of sentimentality and boredom. Regardless, here are some photos of things around my home and what they mean to me.

Hearty and Me-1

1.) Me matching hearty's gray fur while petting him until he falls asleep on my lap. I've been so into gray lately. Maybe Hearty played an influence in that. I've gotta try a gray and white outfit combo sometime. It looks good on Hearty, maybe it will look good on me.


2.) Wearing my rings in the wrong order because I'd rather lose the wedding band than the engagement ring. It's all about priority people!


3.) A suede jacket by BCBG that has got me somewhat excited for the fall. Getting new fall stuff is one of the very few ways to get me excited for cold weather. Bonfires and smores are also in that short list.


4.) My first Violets. I have three now. It has multiplied ever since I saw a lovely collection of Violets in a store window. I want my window to be just as pretty in case there are peeping toms around. But I liked Violets before that. They are such happy and non-fussy plants! They are constantly blooming. It makes me feel good when my plants bloom and Violets have kept me very happy.

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