Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Little Garden Nook


My collection of plants is wildly growing. Today I have been told by Micah, for the fourth time on separate occasions, that the plant I just purchased was the last one...EVER! I don't know about ever...but maybe for the week. I am obsessed with plants! I am excited to go home from work to tend to them! I just enjoy looking after them. It may be that I have this tendency to be very nurturing to any living thing (my cat and Micah can attest to this). I've got too much motherly energy and must utilize it somehow, not that Micah or the cat isn't a good source for them. But sometimes I get the vibe that I am too affectionate with him sometimes and the cat thinks so too. They both have a tendency to squirm out of my hugs and squeezes. So, I've got to turn my maternal vivacity elsewhere and that's where my plants step in. At least they are not at all fussy when I give them too much attention!









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