Thursday, May 24, 2012

Swamp People


We live across a swampy little pond. We have so much life around us because of this pond. We've spotted rabbits. I've heard an owl (I would like to see it one day). There is even a beaver nest in the pond. I love having so much life around us. It makes me feel closer to nature. Our neighbor has been kind enough to lend us his canoe so that we can explore the pond.
The pond reminds me of that dreamy scene in the movie "The Notebook" when Allie and Noah are in that lovely swamp with swans (or was it geese?) gracefully wading in the water. Sigh! I would like to re-inact that scene, photography wise! Kind of like how they did it in this website. Aren't the pictures just enchanting? One of these days you will see pics just as lovely on this blog. It's my goal!




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