Saturday, April 21, 2012


This is my very first post. It's a little intimidating because I feel this pressure (that silly old me have placed upon myself) to make a good impression. I have so much to say because I am excited about this blogging thing. I have alot of ideas and goals for this blog!
I have done blogging before. My last blog was mainly a fashion blog but it wasn't too rewarding for me. I felt too restricted because although I love fashion it isn't a chief interest of mine. Therefore, I felt like the blog didn't reflect my personality or lifestyle completely. I was only displaying one aspect of myself in the blogging community: the part of me that loved dresses and pretty things. The girl that loved books, nature, playing piano, home decor, photography (the list goes on) was tuned out.
Therefore, I would like to consider this blog just a "personal blog". With that title, I feel more room to be free to post whatever my littel whimsical heart desires! Get ready for some lovely randomness in words and pictures!


  1. I am a follower Hannah and I am excited to follow you on your journey! ;)

  2. Thanks Laurie and Crystal! I'm very excited to share how wonderful life could be in this blog=) I always try to live a beautiful,happy, and peaceful life and I hope to reflect that in this blog!


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