Sunday, April 22, 2012

Make Me Banana Pancakes

    Sunday mornings are peaceful and wonderful in the Stevenson home. Our church service does not start until noon so that gives me all morning to prepare a scrumptious breakfast. Our favorite and classic breakfast though is Banana Pancakes, inspired by the Hukilau Cafe in Hawaii in our little college town of Laie. Have you ever watched 51st First Dates? Remember Hukilau Cafe in the movie? It is actually a real place (although it is not really Hollywood glamorized like in the movie).
    So, for the pancakes I use this recipe and all I do differently is cut up bananas (I like the bananas really ripe) like in the picture of the bowl. I pour the pancake mix into the pan (usually a 1/4 of a cup) and then place the bananas on top. I also push the bananas down (with the spatula as pictured) to settle it in place so that when I flip it over they don't fall out.
    Those are all the special instructions really for banana pancakes. This is a yummy and easy breakfast but for us it's very special becuase of the nostalgia. It brings us back to our good ole' days in Hawaii!


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