Thursday, December 13, 2012

On The Fifth Day Of Sweaters

On the fifth day of sweaters, my true love gave to me: a sack-like, versatile, sweatshirt.

I was actually napping with this sweatshirt on today when my phone rings (it was hubs) and woke me up. It was 4pm and I only had half an hour left of daylight to take pictures. I jumped out of bed and hastily prepped for the pictures and at the same time thought up of some ideas of how I wanted to portray this sweater. I decided to take on a fashion challenge and wear the sweatshirt in a non-conventional way. I totally wore it the complete polar opposite of what it's intended for. I took this humble ole' sweatshirt (and my napping, grungy self) and tossed in some pearls and lace and in no time-flat: VIOLA! From bum to glam!

Well guys, this is the last day of my 5 Days of Sweaters project...and it's been a challenge, I tell ya! The behind the scenes aren't so pretty and required alot of begging and sometimes bribing my husband and brother (to take the pictures), closet digging, changing and trying on outfits, and all other ingredients of hard work! Who knew that taking pictures for every weekday could be so much work? Would I do something like this again? You betcha. I am already coming up with ideas. But I'm ready to go on Holiday mode even though I will still be posting frequently! Got some ideas lined up to post about. Wishing you a good weekend!

Outfit details: Sweatshirt: Unknown Lace Skirt: From a random boutique Leather Clutch: Calvin Klein Leopard Bow Belt: Kate Spade Shoes: Coach Accessories: Various
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(And here is a bonus picture of me smiling because I love to smile and especially seeing others smile =)


  1. very nice pictures. I like how you totally transform the sweater to something different and dressy. You look lovely. At least you have 2 to beg, I only have 1 and my son does not qualify.


  2. the skirt it's amazing!!!!

  3. Love this outfit! That belt is so cute

  4. i love this outfit and especially the skirt! also love your smile!!!
    have a great weekend!

  5. You look wonderful! :)
    Would you like to follow each other?

  6. Such a great look :) I particularly love the skirt-the lace is so pretty!!
    Following you now-Great blog.


  7. tnk u for your lovely comment! of course I want to follow eachother, xoxo

  8. wooow, great style dear! nice photos =)" thanks for stopping by my blog,following you now! Please follow back =)


  9. You look great!!

    xx Mounia
    Nonchalant Rebel
    New Post :)

  10. that is some awesome skirt you have got on there! Also love the way you styled it!


  11. love the skirt and hat!!


  12. Great style!You look so cute!
    I am following you now on GFC.
    I'd love if you'd check out mine too.

  13. I love your style!

    I'm following you now! Hope you will follow me back! ❤

  14. lovely pictures!


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