Sunday, October 28, 2012

Safe From The Storm


        The weather has not been ideal due to a hurricane that's sweeping the eastern coast states. Although we aren't directly affected by the hurricane, it has been a little windy and cloudy the last few days. Not the best conditions for taking outdoor photos. So, that means I'm stuck doing indoor photos. I decided to take this oppurtunity to update you of how some parts of our home is looking like nowadays.
       This is our first house. We bought it only 6 months ago so we've got a long way to go before we feel it's a finished product. It sounds a little silly but in a way it has been a journey of self discovery, for me (not for Micah, he'd think that's cheesy). Afterall, what a person does with their home reflects alot about their personalities and character.
       I am actually not going to talk about furnishings here. What I want to talk about is more important than the furniture choices we have made or what's hanging on the walls. Instead, I want to talk about what a  home is really for. It's a haven. A haven from the unpleasant and unhappy things in this world. The world can be a dangerous and and treacherous place sometimes. Where do we go to get away from this? We go home. These are some of the guidelines of how to make a house a home:
       1.)Tidiness. We keep our place constantly clean because it feels more peaceful that way. After a long day at work, it can be unpleasant to go home to a mess. The last thing on your mind is to do more work at your own house. I don't work but I keep our house nice and clean to make sure that Micah can just worry about relaxing when he gets home.
       2.) Coziness. A home is a place for family and friends to gather at. We enjoy spending time with people we love and we want our home to be a pleasant place for this. I made sure to get plenty of chairs for these occassions. I love chairs! I have to come to realize this may be because I always want to make sure there is a spot for everyone to sit when they are over.
      3.) Happiness. We keep contention out of the house. It's not allowed in! We keep our moods cheerful and happy in these walls! Yes, this step is not so easy and it may even be the hardes of the three but it's our overall goal.

       Thanks for reading and I hope that these guidelines help you in your homebuilding!



  1. Oh look at those couches of yours makes me feel so at home right now and cuddle in my fav blanket with some hot cocoa or good coffee and just relax. Thanks for sharing your home with us.


  2. Lovely living space and I love the little festive pumpkins on the table.

  3. very interssting room and lovely pics

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  4. Great post!!

    Really love your style and posts!!

    A blog like this deserves following!

    Hope to see you back on mine for a peek :)



  5. Totally agree with what you shared in this post, nothing like a tide home to feel comfortable when you come back after a long day! And for me nothing feel more cozy and like a home that a place where people can come, sit, relax and laugh! Thanks for sharing such a sweet post!


  6. oh, it looks really nice! very comfy!
    i want to live here!!!

  7. Tidiness, coziness and happiness are three lovely virtues to follow!
    Lovely post!

    Zoe xxx

  8. thank you for following - i´m your newest fan!
    kisses jess

  9. Your place is soo cozy! Wondeful! x


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