Saturday, August 18, 2012

Outdoors and Photography


Two of my favorite hobbies are to enjoy the outdoors and photography. So, with that in mind, this has been a perfect day in my world! We took a hike up Stone Mountan and I got some good shots of what nature has to offer.

I tend to like the outdoors a little too much. Especially if I have a good book, a pretty view, and comfortable and safe spot (away from snakes) to lay down on, I'm set. I still have it etched in my mind, my idea of a perfect day in the peaceful outdoors. It's based from a simple experience, but yet it's remained with me all of these years:

I was in my teens during girl's camp. We went to the woods and we all went our own separate ways. Each girl picked a spot, where we could have our own privacy. With no one in sight, it felt like I was alone in the woods, even though I knew there was another girl somewhere near me (and that was a comforting thought). I sat there and pondered and dabbled a little in my journal, for a short hour. It was a peaceful and sacred moment. When it all ended, I was disappointed. Ever since then, I dreamed of another oppurtunity like that again. I always seem to seek out oppurtunities to be outdoors. That's why I prefer outdoor photography. It gives me an excuse to be in the presence of nature.





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