Sunday, April 29, 2012

Field of Flowers

                Micah knows just how to melt my heart! Maybe he is not the flower picking type of romantic. Instead, he would rather just bring me to the field of flowers, which is my kind of guy. He knows how I love to take pictures in beautiful spots. So he took me to this dreamy area to take pictures. There were these white butterflies flying all around with wings that looked as if they were made with delicate white flower petals. There were colorful dragonflies buzzing around in abundance that could almost past as fairies. It was so lovely there!
I couldn’t help but gush about this experience. I just thought it was just so sweet of Micah to go through all of that! He is not as big of a fan of photography as me so I wholeheartedly appreciated that he went through all that trouble of taking me there. I love this man more than my heart can take sometimes!

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